Good evening from …. hang on, where are we?!

Alright, so according to the German media, four cities have had their bids shortlisted to host the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Namely Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Hanover.

Apparently, we were supposed to hear an announcement on the 15th of September but clearly that hasn’t happened. Fans have been left scratching their heads wondering where we’ll be headed to come May.

Everyone has their favorites but the general consensus is that we’ll be heading to Berlin. Personally, I’m all for Berlin. It’s an amazing, modern and artistic city that will no doubt embrace the Eurovision with open arms. Also, there is that historical significance. The last two times Germany hosted the contest in 1957 and 1983, they did so in Frankfurt and Munich respectively. Both times Berlin was out of question because of the separation of West Germany from East Germany and all that. Therefore, its quite something for Germany to be hosting the Contest for the first time as a unified country and in that regard, what better way than having it in Berlin?

Only one thing stands in the way of Berlin’s bid and that is their proposed venue. Many thought Berlin would give us this:

The O2 World Arena. The perfect venue to house the extravagant production Eurovision has become. It really would have been perfect. But instead, they proposed this:

The now defunct Tempelhof Airport. It has long since ceased service and is now a protected monument of some sort and the people of Berlin are trying to find new uses for it and save it. But using it to host Eurovision? It’s way too small and way too old. Granted, its certainly different and fits that zany Berlin artistic sensibility. But I just can’t picture it.

Now Düsseldorf has it going on for me. Their proposed venue is the Esprit arena:

Now that is awesome! I almost see another production like Moscow 2009.

Hamburg and Hanover are out for me. Though I love both cities (Hamburg is the Eurovision capital of Germany and I’ve got family in Hanover), their venues were not up to scratch.

So there we have it. Personally, I think it will be either Berlin or Düsseldorf. According to the media, the supremos at the EBU and ARD like Düsseldorf for the arena but are keen on Berlin as a city. Maybe they are trying to persuade Berlin to use the O2, hence the delay in announcing the Host City? I certainly hope so.

But no matter which city, our German hosts will undoubtedly put on a great show.

Where do you guys want to see the Eurovision being held?


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