Who should do the honours for… Sweden?

So here is another little segment that I’d like to start up. Here, I’ll be talking about artists and producers that I’d like to see on the Eurovision stage. Not just random or personal selections you see, but representatives that I think could genuinely give their country a decent shot at winning the whole shebang.

Today, I’ll be talking about Sweden! The deadline for song submission has passed and SVT has reported a record number of submissions, 3,852  in total. Well, as long as THIS artist is in there somewhere, I’ll be happy.

Sanna Nielsen, whom I’d love to see do the honours for Sweden, but only with the right song.

Being Sweden’s very own Celine Dion, Sanna should be given either a big, dramatic power ballad of Dion-esque proportions, or go the other route and do something hard-hitting that’ll showoff her amazing voice. I’m thinking along the lines of ‘Battlefield’ by Jordin Sparks. A song that’s cool, edgy, a little urban with a key change to end all key changes. A good old-fashioned schlager anthem would not be unwelcome, but with that, Sweden won’t do any better than a Top 10 placing. Which isn’t bad per se, but given the right song, Sanna could give Sweden its fifth victory and it would be a shame to waste a talented singer with that kind of winning potential.

Check out the incredible Ms. Nielsen’s last foray into Melodifestivalen (Sweden’s Eurovision preselection) where she placed second. So close.


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