Who should do the honours for… Denmark?

After this year’s extremely successful placing, Denmark would undoubtedly want to build on that and send yet another great act and song that will secure another Top 5 position, maybe even victory.

In my mind, there are two acts that can deliver. One of these is a band that goes by the name of Alien Beat Club.

Alien Beat Club. Don't they look soooo swcheeeeeeet?

No novices to television, you might recognize Alien Beat Club, or ‘ABC’,  as the runner-ups of the Danish X Factor in 2009. They were the favourites to win, consistently turning in  great performances every week. I particularly liked their rendition of Lady GaGa’s ‘Just Dance’ with a rather surprising intro.

In terms of Eurovision, I reckon they’ll be a great choice because all four of them are talented singers and their sound is a cool urban pop with a dash of Euro flavour that should go down well with the voters and juries alike. Keep in mind that contemporary songs now tend to do quite well in Eurovision, as opposed to decades gone by. Check out their song ‘Echo’ from the album ‘Diversity’. It’s exactly three minutes long and would have made a perfect Eurovision entry:

Who knows? Victory at the Eurovision Song Contest might be as simple as ‘ABC’ for Denmark next year.

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