Knocking some sense into the United Kingdom.

After a decade’s worth of failures, 2009’s amazing return to grace followed promptly by 2010’s dismal placing, the United Kingdom seems to be at a bit of a loss on how to tackle Eurovision. Which is really quite odd, considering that the name of the game is really simple: SEND A GOOD SONG. I mean, how difficult is it for the world’s premier music-producing nation to find a good song, singer and staging?

Now I know the UK consider themselves a tad too dignified bother, but surely they could spare the effort to turn in a decent entry.

And now they don’t have any excuse to not do so. For years, British media focused on political/diaspora/partisan voting, Eastern bias and the contest’s lack of ‘quality’ and fairness. But now, in the advent of the re-introduction of professional juries, Norway and Germany’s ‘western’ wins and their own Top 5 placing in 2009, it should be fairly obvious to the UK that the required strategy is a simple one. Send a good song and you’ll do well.

With an amazing singer and the right song, any country can reach the Top 5, as the UK found in 2009 when they came in fifth with 'It's My Time' performed by Jade Ewen.

And if the ranking of the 2010 contest is anything to go by, the odds are in the UK’s favour to not only get a Top 10 placing, but even win next year. How so? Well, I’ve noticed that the countries who sent modern, contemporary songs to this year’s contest found themselves in the top half of the scoreboard. Notable examples are Turkey with their alternative rock/hip-hop Linkin Park-esque entry, Belgium with their simple acoustic melody, Azerbaijan with an R&B ‘Beyoncé’ ballad and of course, Germany’s Kate Nash styled song which handed them the victory.

I believe that the United Kingdom should follow suit and send a song that is modern and would work both on the Eurovision stage and in the international charts. With rumors going around that the BBC has approached MIKA to compose the 2011 song, it certainly looks like a step in the right direction.However, it’s still conjecture at this point so we’ll have to wait and see what the United Kingdom will push on stage for us.


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