Swiss Hopes for 2011

Switzerland is in the voting stage of the song selection for Eurovision. Interestingly, the country’s using an online platform which is a method Spain pioneered in 2008 with mixed results. Now I’ve been attempting to wade through all the different entries in search of my Eurovision fix and I’ve identified some noteworthy songs that I thought I’d share. Some of these have already been covered by other sites but I’ll list them again here anyway, because they are that good.

Check them out below!

‘L’Égoiste’ by Evelyne Filipe

I’m really liking this song! If it sounds a bit familiar, that’s because it has been composed by Andrej Babic and Carlos Coelho. It’s performed by Evelyne Filipe whom we all remember as a backing singer for Vania Fernandes in 2008. Remember, it was this same team that took Portugal to the Final for the first time with ‘Senhora Do Mar’ and there the country stayed. So maybe they will do the same for Switzerland? It’s plausible, as the song is a cracking one. I LOVE the horns and the melancholy wistfulness of it all. It’s all so French. I can just imagine Evelyne standing on the Champs-Élysées singing her heart out in the rain. Wearing a beret. Clutching a soggy baguette. I really hope this makes the Final Ten. We need more French in Eurovision.

Nobody Knows‘ by 3nity Brothers

A pleasant piece of guitar pop. My favourite part is when they went acapella at the middle eight. I reckon the song might be a better if they started acapella and let the beat and music build up. Then perhaps the song will stand out. And they are competent live singers and look like cute little puppies! I can just imagine little girls across Europe squealing if they were to make it.

Erés‘ by Lynn

A haunting ballad with a really nice melody. The only thing working against  this song is that it is in Spanish. Not that I have anything against Spainsh, I love Spanish music. It’s just that it seems rather odd that a Spanish-language song is bidding to represent a country that doesn’t speak it. I’m a firm believer in songs having some sort of national tie to the country its representing, be it language, music, songwriters, singers, whatever. If the song were recorded in one of Switzerland’s official languages, we might be onto a winner. Methinks Italian would work the best. At this point, as great as the song is, being sung in Spanish strikes me as being really indulgent and having no interest in representing Switzerland.

Take My Heart‘ by Auf Hi’Dee feat. DQ

Woohoo! As expected of DQ, Denmarks 2007 representative, this is a classic schlager song. Some may argue that it is formulaic and derivative, but I say its a brilliant piece of Europop. It sounds like something that would appear on the Melodifestivalen stage. Hopefully this makes its way to the Top Ten. In all likelihood, it may not win, but it will be so worth seeing the glitter and sequins flying again!


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