Who should host the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest?

After Erik, Nadia and Haddy’s flawless and professional hosting of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, German organisers have got some pretty big shoes to fill. I’ve always felt that hosts should be more than parrots spouting lines like ‘Good evening Europe’ and repeating spokepersons’ votes in French. Hosts need to have a certain chemistry that will gave the show that special magic that will make the entire contest truly memorable. For me, the best hosts this decade were Janna and Miko, who presented the 2007 Eurovision in Helsinki. Those two had so much charisma and chemistry, it just lifted the show to another level. Of course, we’ve had our fair share of parrots, Alsou and Ivan from Moscow 2009 being the most recent example.

So who could pull off presenting Düsseldorf 2011? I wouldn’t mind these two:

"Good evening Europe!" I can almost hear them saying it.

German model and fashion icon Heidi Klum and Oscar Loya, German representative in 2009. Heidi will bring the glamour and Oscar will do well with his charisma. They are both bilingual and, with their vast experience on the stage/runway, they should do a credible job hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. On top of that, Heidi has the cutest accent. It’s sort-of American with a sublte German lilt that is pleasing to the ear. And they ain’t bad on the eyes either.

Now I’m not too familiar with the German entertainment industry so I’m not an authority on German TV personalities who would make good hosts. For all I know, there might be folks out there better suited for the task than these two. But these are the two that come to mind.


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