Swiss Hopes for 2011 (Part 2)

Who will wave the Swiss flag in 2011?

So SF have announced a majority of the finalists that will take part in the Swiss national final. They are:

Sarah Burgess – ‘Just Me’
Andrina – ‘Drop Of Drizzle’
Anna Rossinelli – ‘In Love For Awhile’
Bernarda Brunovic – ‘Confidence’
CH – ‘Gib Nid Uf’
Duke – ‘Waiting For You’
Polly Duster – ‘Up To You’
The Glue – ‘Come What May’
Vittoria Hyde – ‘Play The Trumpet’
Dominique Borriello – ‘Il Ritmo Dentro Di Noi’
The Colors and Ilira – ‘Home’

The song that has captured my attention is ‘Play The Trumpet’ by Vittoria Hyde.

Its a mix between Kei$ha and Black Eyed Peas and makes for an interestingly fresh sound. Its also fully in line with the current trend of contemporary music that is proving to be successful at Eurovision. I really like the verses and the middle eight. Overall, a fun, quirky and modern song that should do Switzerland proud, if selected.

Other than that, the rest are a pleasant enough group of songs. Miles better than Romania’s shortlist to be sure. However, I’m gutted that none of my personal favourites made it through. Also, what gets me is that for a country with four official languages, a majority of the songs are in English. Would have liked to see some variety but then again, I’m more happy that none of the joke/bad entries made it through.

Now with only the French-speaking broadcaster to pick the last song, I’m fervently hoping that ‘L’Égoiste’ by Evelyne Filipe will make the cut. Go on SF, you know it makes sense!

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