Who should do the honours for… the United Kingdom?

The UK is home to some of the world’s most prolific and talented singers and songwriters. Even though a majority regard Eurovision with a bit of derision, there are still plenty of new up-and-coming acts that might seriously consider it, and do well in the contest as well.

Aiden Grimshaw

A worthy representative for the United Kingdom.

Having recently been eliminated from the X Factor, Aiden was the standout singer for me. His unique and intense performances were on par with established singers. Louis Walsh called him ‘the perfect popstar’ but I would call him a natural-born artiste. He has that credibility as a proper singer as opposed to a popstar. In my mind, popstars serve as icons rather than musicians. It was not surprising for me that he was eliminated so early in the game as he was not ‘mainstream’ or ‘poppy’ enough. Of course, what can you expect when you have acts like One Direction doing well? In anycase, Aiden turns in dark, dramatic performances that will definitely leave an impact with viewers. And given the right song, he could work wonders. If the rumors are true, MIKA could write an amazing song for the singer and the UK would be unstoppable.

Here’s my favourite performance of his on the X Factor, ‘Mad World’.


One Comment on “Who should do the honours for… the United Kingdom?”

  1. Jase says:

    I’m not really into this Euro pop mumbo jumbo, but I have found a new appreciation for it through this informative and well put together blog.

    Good luck.

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