Hit Alert! – ‘How I Like It’ by Kim-Lian & Future Presidents

Time for another ‘Hit Alert!’. Today I’d like to introduce you to a song that I keep playing over and over again. Check it out below:

It’s a happy-go-lucky pop song with an insanely catchy hook that sticks in your head and just refuses to leave. My favourite parts are the chorus and the rap bit. For the uninitiated, Kim-Lian is a prolific Dutch pop star most known for the worldwide smash hit ‘Teenage Superstar‘. She recently collaborated with Swedish singer Linda Bengtzing on ‘Not That Kinda Girl‘ and she continues her trend of irresistible catchy pop with this gem of a song. She also continues her collaboration with other artists, this time with Future Presidents, who are a Dutch outfit that made their name producing for famous Dutch singers like Edsillia Rombley as well as remixing for international singers like Justin Timberlake and Jordin Sparks.

You can purchase ‘How I Like It’ here.


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