Euroviisut 2011 songs online!

Today Finland have revealed the songs participating in their national final by uploading them onto the YLE’s official Eurovision website. I’ve had a listen to the songs and the ones I like the most are:

Jimi Constantine – ‘Party To Party’ : It sounds like Bon Jovi with a bit of Euro flavour and I think that it works really well. A bit formulaic but an extremely enjoyable catchy pop-rock song.

Tommi Soidinmäki – ‘Seis!’ : Starts off as a very moody, string-laden song before the beat kicks in and bringing a surprisingly catchy chorus along for the ride. The melody and vocals lean in the direction of musical theatre for me. It’s like they’ve taken the signature song of a musical and laid a pop beat over it. It works AND I love that its in Finnish. Should go over nicely if performed well on the night.

Automatic Eye – ‘I’m Not The One Who’s Sorry’ : Automatic Eye sees Finland return to doing what they do best: rock. This rock song in the guise of pop sounds promising, though the melody takes a while to kick in but when it does, it’s very gratifying. Once again, I think this song will truly shine at the live performance.

Paradise Oskar – ‘Da Da Dam’ : This is a good acoustic song with a relevant message about the environmental strife our planet is facing today. I’m prepared to bet that after Belgium’s success with Tom Dice and ‘Me And My Guitar’ this year, alot of similar songs will be popping up in national selections across Europe and this is a good example. I like how the lyrics tell a story, delivering the message in an interesting  manner. However, they should consider changing the song title. Maybe something like ‘Peter’s Song’.

Stala & So. – ‘Pamela’ : A rousing eighties rock number with a chanty chorus. As far as rock songs go, this is an OK song and should be fun to head bang to. The group is fronted by Stala who was a member of Finland’s only Eurovision-winning group Lordi, so having a former winner in the national selection is a novel thing for the country.

So who would I like to see win and go on to represent Finland? At the moment, I’m really enjoying ‘Sesi!’ by Tommi Soidinmäki. It’s a catchy pop song with a musical theatre twist sung in Finnish. I prefer when countries sing in their national langugaes and although Finnish isn’t the most accessible of languages, this song makes me appreciate it alot more, which is one of the reasons why it works for me. My other favourite is ‘Party To Party’ by Jimi Constantine for its sheer catchiness. Of course, new favorites may arise once we go into the televised heats, so let’s wait and see.

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