Swiss Hopes for 2011 (Part 3)

With the Swiss national selection, ‘Die Grosse Entscheidungs Show’ to be held next week, we will soon know the first official song to be competing in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf! So I’ve decided to listen to all the hopefuls one more time and more carefully and see if Switzerland stands a fighting chance this year.

At this point, they all sound like demos, so I am hoping that the songs have been reproduced and improved upon. But to make do with what we have, let’s see what (in my opinion) are the best songs in the Swiss selection in their current form.

1) Andrina – ‘Drop Of Drizzle’

A nice country-esque song that has really good instrumentation and is well sung.

2) Anna Rossinelli – ‘In Love For A While’

This is a purely minimalistic song that is the complete antithesis of the standard over-the-top Eurovision song. It relies solely on the singer’s voice which itself is pretty powerful. I think this song is a bit of a grower and it should be interesting to see this in its final form.

3) Aliose -‘Sur Les Pavés’

Well, it’s no ‘L’Égoiste’, but it is French. Another simple song with a pleasant melody in the style of classic French chanson. It might be too subtle for Eurovision, but it ahs a sweetness about it that could make it stand out. It all depends on the performance and presentation. And the duo singing it look like a very likable pair.

So those are my favourites amongst the Swiss hopefuls. I really hope they’ve beefed up the production of all the songs and in lieu of 100% televoting, that the Swiss public selects the best song, whichever that may be.


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