Italy returns to Eurovision!

Not just the best news of thew season, but easily the best news of the decade! After an absence of 13 years, Italy will be making a comeback to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. The news has the set the Eurovision community on fire and I for one, am really really excited. Italy has provided some of Eurovision’s evergreens, among them Domenico Modugno’s ‘Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu‘,more commonly known as ‘Volare‘. The country has won on two occasions, the first in 1964 with ‘Non Ho L’età‘ and the second in 1990 with ‘Insieme: 1992‘. Italy’s last participation was in 1997 with the utterly magnificent ‘Fiumi Di Parole‘ (below).

With such vibrant musical heritage and a rich history at the Eurovision Song Contest,  I am confident that the Italians will pick up right where they left off and bring that passion and magic we all missed back to the Eurovision stage.

Bentornato in Italia!


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