Who should do the honours for… Poland?

Poland is one of those countries that seems to fly under the radar every Eurovision season and rarely makes a splash. With decidedly mixed results at the Contest, I think that what they need is a modern song that could become a mainstay on radio playlists across Europe and beyond. To that end, I think that this song should be in the running to represent Poland:

The song is called Flashing Lights and is sung by Paula Marciniak, who is a young Polish singer, model & actress and goes by the stage name Paula. I’m currently loving this song because its definitely modern, channeling in the Eurodance cool of Edward Maya’s global smash hit Stereo Love. And why not? Edward Maya is of notable Eurovision alumni, having got his first big break composing Romania’s 2006 Eurovision entry.

Rumor has it that this song has already been sent in for consideration for ‘Krajowe Eliminacje’, the country’s Eurovision Song Contest national selection. I really hope this is true. Flashing Lights is cool, catchy and a surefire club hit. It also lends itself to spectacular stage presentation and performance. And most importantly, it could be the song to let Poland set the stage on fire, rather than dousing it.


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