Aurela Gaçe for Albania.

Albania apparently views Eurovision as more of a reason to celebrate than Christmas, having held the 49th edition of their national final  Festivali i Këngës on the 25th of December. Popular singer Aurela Gaçe won the competition quite convincingly with her song Kënga ime, which can be translated as My Song. Check it out the winning performance below:

At this point, I’m rather ambivalent about the song. But then again, I’m not too worried as this seems to be standard practice with Albania. They select the song and then reproduce, remix and translate it for the Eurovision Song Contest, so much so that it ends up as a virtually different (and much better) song. I was underwhelmed by their selections in 2009 and 2010 but was completely blown away by their ‘Eurovision Versions’ as it were.

And this seems to be the fate of Kënga ime, and it does have the makings of a good Eurovision entry though only time will tell.

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