The Roundup: Spain and Germany decide.

Tonight saw two ‘Big 5’ countries select their Eurovision entries, and I for one am wholly pleased with the results. After a slew of disappointing selections (Iceland, I’m looking at you), I’m happy that some countries are managing to get it right!

GERMANY: After two semi-finals, Germany’s preselection ‘Unser Song für Deutschland’ culminated in a Grand Final featuring six songs, one of which would represent the host nation this year. After the performances, I pegged Mama Told Me, Push Forward and Taken By A Stranger as my personal favourites to win. Naturally I was pleased when Push Forward and Taken By A Stranger went through to the Super-Final and ultimately, Taken By A Stranger came out on top. I’m loving the song, as I feel it was unique and stood out a mile and will do so on the big night. Taken By A Stranger is sexy, sophisticated and spooky and will do well in the competition. It’s also the most contemporary and unusual offering thus far and will definetly make an impact.

SPAIN: Lena had barely finished reprising Germany’s newly selected 2011 Eurovision entry before it was time to switch over to watch Spain’s national final. After some mediocre songs and a touch of drama, it was Lucía Pérez who won the right to represent the Iberian country with Que me quiten lo bailao. Literally (and roughly) translated as ‘May they never take me away from what I’ve danced’, the title is a Spanish colloquialism which means ‘They cannot take away from me the good things I’ve lived’. It was certainly the best song on offer and it has an authentic charm that could see Spain do well. It reminds me a bit of Portugal 2009 actually, and that’s a good thing. It’s a warm, happy and uptempo song that will get Esprit Arena dancing. Good choice Spain!

On a side note, I’ll admit that after Iceland’s, Belgium’s and Ireland’s dismal selections, I was a bit disheartened at the direction this year’s contest was heading, but my faith was restored when Germany showcased the entries from The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and Romania and it reminded me that there were indeed some brilliant songs already selected. At this point, my Top 3 would have to be Germany’s Taken By A Stranger, Norway’s Haba Haba, and Switzerland’s In Love For A While.

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