The Aftermath of the first Semi-Final.

So, the first Semi-Final has concluded and the smoke and confetti have cleared, leaving behind surprises and scandals galore to ponder. Here are my thoughts:

  • First off, let me say that I’m THRILLED TO BITS over Switzerland and Hungary qualifying. These were two of my top favourites and really deserved to qualify.
  • I’m shocked that Norway didn’t qualify! Haba Haba was one of the best songs in the contest. On the other end, I’m really surprised that Lithuania qualified. Their song C’est Ma Vie was wonderfully performed but I thought it was too old-fashioned. Personally, I loved it as I’m a fan of Broadway numbers and big Disney ballads but didn’t hold out much hope after seeing the same stage entertain Russia. However, every year we have at-least one surprise qualifier and I’m glad that in this case, it was a pleasant surprise. In addition, we’ll get to see the French language represented in the Grand Final! For a while, it was looking like 2011 would see the first contest without any kind of (sung) French.
  • I had a sneaky feeling Iceland’s Coming Home would qualify and I was right, though I never dreamed that they’d qualify over Norway, Turkey and Armenia!
  • Speaking of which: SHOCK OF THE YEAR – Turkey and Armenia didn’t qualify! Granted, their songs just weren’t that great but I figured they’d qualify by default since they’re pretty much untouchable in that regard. In terms of rock songs, Georgia’s was way better than Turkey’s, though both had horrible styling. Armenia was just plain ridiculous.
  • Serbia’s song was waaaaay too cute and definitely deserved to qualify.
  • The best songs of the night were Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Finland, Azerbaijan and Hungary.
  • Surprise performance of the night was Greece as the song actually came together and across as really powerful. The staging and was a bit of a mess though and Serbia’s LED backdrop made me dizzy.
  • Breakout performance was Finland’s Paradise Oskar with Da Da Dam. I’m actually putting this as a serious contender for victory.
  • The hosts of the evening were fab, even if the jokes seemed a bit too rehearsed in the beginning and Stefan Raab didn’t come across as annoying as I thought he would.
  • The overall show was fantastic and the stage seemed HUGE! I got the impression that it was much smaller from the pictures, but gosh, what a stage! BIG thumbs up to NDR for putting on a great show.
  • It also seems that we’ll have a rather exciting Grand Final, as Greece, Russia, France, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have all been drawn to perform one after the other. Strong yet different songs back to back. Will they dilute each other’s chances for potential victory? Not too thrilled about Georgia closing or Finland opening, but such is the luck of the draw.

Well, that’s it for me. I’m off to bed. I hope you enjoyed the first Semi-Final!


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