The aftermath of the Second Semi-Final.

So the Second Semi-Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest has concluded. The final ten have been chosen and I’m quite pleased to have correctly predicted 8 of the 10 qualifiers!

Here is the ‘scorecard’ I kept while I was watching the show and as you can see, I had three categories: ‘Definite Qualifiers’ (Those songs I was dead certain would make it), ‘Strong Contenders’ and ‘Perhaps’. Since I had 7 in the ‘Definite Qualifiers’, I underlined the remaining three that I thought would make it through.

Not surprised that Moldova went through, but I’m a bit surprised that Romania and Ukraine did as they were (in my opinion) not very strong songs. I would have much preferred The Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Absolutely chuffed that all 7 of my favourites made it through. I was having heart palpitations by the time of the last envelope. All the while I kept asking ‘Where’s Sweden? Oh PLEASE let this not be another Bergendahl Fiasko‘ and I nearly collapsed with relief when the last envelope was Sweden’s. I imagine Christer Björkman felt much the same way.

In addition, I’m really extra doubly happy for Austria and Slovenia. Those two had the strongest voices in this Semi-Final for sure and with total diva-esque songs (unlike one other).

The press conference is about to start and I just realised that Sweden, having been announced last, will not get to select their draw in the Grand Final as they’ll take the spot that wasn’t chosen by the previous nine. Should be quite exciting. I just hope that they are no where near Russia, United Kingdom or Ireland.

More in-depth analysis and fun stuff to come tomorrow! Watch this space.


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