Aftermath of the Grand Final

So it’s been little over a week since the 56th Eurovision Song Contest drew to a close and it’s taken me that much time to digest the results.

First off, congratulations to Azerbaijan for winning the Contest. Running Scared was indeed one of the best songs in the competition, though I had it pegged as a Top 5 placer rather than the outright winner. My money was on Sweden and I was thrilled beyond belief that, at one point, they were leading the vote. Third place is Sweden’s best result since 1999. Eric Saade, Christer Björkman and Fredrik Kempe must be very pleased. I’m quite surprised at Italy’s second place finish and the dismal showings of France, United Kingdom & Estonia. I’m also happy that Denmark is in the Top 5 for the second year running.

I strongly suspect that for the first time, the professional juries and the televoting public did not agree. I believe Italy won the jury vote and Sweden won the televote with Azerbaijan coming second in both and thus managing to sneak in to take the win with the combined results. It will be interesting to dissect once the EBU release the voting breakdown. That being said, it was one of the closest finishes in a long time and the voting was exciting and tense up until the last few votes. This proves that the new voting system is a success and will be enjoyed with great relish in the years to come.

So it looks like we’ll be heading off to the ‘Paris by the Caspian’, Baku next year for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. No doubt Azerbaijan is going to put on an amazing show. I’m fully expecting them to top Moscow 2009, such is their enthusiasm. And with 11 countries already having confirmed their participation, Switzerland having announced their selection procedure and rumours that a brand new arena will be built for the contest, it seems like the 2012 season is already underway!


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