Should Eric Saade put his heart in the air for Sweden once more?

I think Eric should seriously consider entering for Sweden once more as he really can do the business and claim victory. Looking at the televotes, Sweden was only two, two points short of first place. What really set him back was a relatively low jury score. If Eric were to come back with a song more international-sounding and focused more on delivering a better vocal, I am confident he could win.

As much as I love Popular, I’ve always felt that it wasn’t his strongest material. It’s Gonna Rain from his debut album ‘Masquerade’ is probably one of his best recordings ever and should that song have gone to Eurovision, we could ended up with a different result (and winner). Popular was amazing in that it was catchy, superbly produced and complemented by a slick stage performance. What set it back though (and what I suspect resulted in a 9th place with the juries) was the poor lyrics and emphasis on dancing/performing rather than singing.

If we had a package that ticked all of these boxes with Eric at the forefront, Sweden could and would win. Hands down.


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