Rumoured artists for The Netherlands in 2012.

With only 356 days till the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, the folks over at TROS in the Netherlands are already reportedly in talks to line up next year’s Dutch representative to the world’s biggest music event. One of the names floating around is that of Rochelle Perts, currently competing in the Dutch X Factor. Check out one of her performances from the show:

This girl has a truly amazing voice and, should she be selected, would need a jaw-dropping song to go with it. If this can be secured, then the Netherlands’ chances in the Eurovision Song Contest would be very high indeed.

One of the other names rumoured to fly the Dutch flag is Tim Douwsma, who was part of the Dutch jury this year. Below is one his releases.

A pleasant enough song sung by a pleasant enough lad.

Whichever artist is selected, what should be considered most important is the song. Since this is a song contest, it won’t matter how good the singer(s) is/are. If you have a rubbish song, then you won’t stand a chance. Therefore, I hope TROS gets a hold of some uber-talented songwriters to compose a song that will knock it out of the park for the Netherlands. We need to see them back in Grand Final!


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