Who should do the honours for… Belgium?

Belgium just recently crowned their ‘Idool’ 2011 winner. A talented young man by the name of Kevin Kayirangwa, or simply Kevin and I think he would be a great choice to represent Belgium at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. He has a very fresh, contemporary vibe that seems to do well at the Eurovision these days and would be a worthy successor to Tom Dice (I’m ignoring the fact that Witloof Bay ever happened). Check out his new single She’s Got Moves below:

He reminds me quite a bit of Bruno Mars. Indeed, She’s Got Moves certainly does swing in that direction, with a bit of a Europop flavour making it one of my current favourite songs at the moment. He also did a very creditable performance of Cee Lo’s Forget You, along with OneRepublic’s Apologize and Usher’s More, all of which suggest he’s very much in tune with the current musical landscape. As such, should he go forward as Belgium’s representative, he’d a song in that style and level. Just imagine Belgium rocking out Baku with this:

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