Summer is about to get that much hotter…

Over the years, the Eurovision stage has been graced by the heels of some of Europe’s most talented and beautiful female singers. And a trio of them have released new singles in time for summer, making me want to throw a massive party just for an excuse to play them at full blast. But then again, I never really needed much of an excuse anyway….

Kate Ryan (Belgium 2006) – LoveLife

LoveLife sees Kate Ryan doing what she does best: glamorous dance with a tinge of Europop. Even though the message of living one life with one love and that being all you need is a tried, tested and exhausted concept, the song still manages to be a generous slice of euphoric dance pop that will no doubt see a fair share of radio play. LoveLife is the lead single from Kate’s upcoming English-language release ‘Electroshock’, and comes with a glam music video in which we get to see Kate strut her stuff and like nobody’s business.

Kalomira (Greece 2008) – This Is The Time

The Muse that provided the inspiration for Greece’s third place finish at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest is back with a brand new single after a bit of a hiatus. This Is The Time is a sparkly piece of pop in which Kalomira abandons the bouzouki in favour of uplifting synths. Her voice, which is foil-thin a la Janet Jackson, somehow suits this style of music. And wow, how amazing does she look?

AySel (Azerbaijan 2009) – Tonight

AySel has also opted for a change of style. The Azeri beauty is prepping for the release of Tonight which is a combination of Romanian dance music and Jennifer Lopez’s On The Floor. It’s a cool song with the potential to do really well internationally.

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