Ell/Nikki sing their praises… for 3G.

Who wouldn't fancy 'Running Scared' as their ring tone?

Ell/Nikki, the Azeri winners of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, are to be the face of a major advertising campaign for Vodafone. The well-known company is increasing their presence in the region and plan on featuring the reigning Eurovision champions in their campaign to strengthen their foothold in the market. Known locally as Azerfon, here are Vodafone and Ell/Nikki promoting the cheapest 3G rates in the country for the Nar Mobile service. Check out the commercial below:

Stephane Teyssedre, Chief Commercial Officer of Azerfon, noted that “We are continuously going forward and becoming dynamic progress symbol in telecom sector of Azerbaijan. Eldar and Nigar are the winning symbol of Azerbaijan in all over the Europe, so this is a logical co-operation”. Ilgar Ibrahimli, Azerfon’s Marketing Communications Director went on to stress that “Eldar and Nigar became symbol of youth, success and victory for all Azerbaijani people and we as Nar Mobile are the youngest mobile operator in Azerbaijan. So we are sure that this cooperation will bring to both parties more success and victories”.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a personalised Ell/Nikki ringtone for myself.

Sources: News.Az


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