Arash releases video for ‘Melody’.

Swedish singer Arash had recently concluded a campaign in which he invited fans to send in videos of themselves lip syncing to his new single Melody to be featured in the official music video. The wait is now over and the video has been unveiled. Check it out below:

When the campaign was first launched, I loved the idea but was a bit skeptical on just how good the contributions would be. Now I happily eat my words as the video has been edited beautifully and features a plethora of fans from all over the world performing Melody in a wide variety of interesting, amusing ways. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was a very successful project. Fans of Swedish music will also recognise Basshunter, Velvet, Emilie from Lovestoned, Cameron Cartio and Arash himself. Of course, the opening shot of Keenan Cahill was a real treat as well. In addition, the video is dedicated to Melody, daughter of Robert Uhlmann, Arash’s longtime friend and collaborator. A very sweet sentiment.


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