Surprises galore in the Swiss online selection.

In what has been dubbed ‘the ultimate comeback’, Lys Assia, winner of the first ever Eurovision Song Contest way back in 1956, announced her intention to participate in the Swiss selection for the Contest. And she will do it with well-known songwriters at the helm. Ralph Siegel, who composed the winning song in 1982 for Germany and Jean-Paul Cara, lyricst of the 1977-winning song for France, have collaborated to create the song C’etait Ma Vie. Check it out here.

First off, let me state how much I admire the courage and confidence this spirited lady has! To come back to the Contest after well over 50 years just boggles my mind. As the Grande Dame of French chanson, she should get far based on name alone. And the song isn’t all too bad at all. It’s a sweet old-fashioned nostalgic ballad lifted straight out from the sixties. Its as if the past 20 years of pyrotechnics, sequins and costume changes never happened. This is all just too delcious for words.

Go on Lys! Show these young ‘uns how its done!


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