New Music: ‘Demande-Moi’ by Marie-Élaine Thibert & Étienne Drapeau.

Introducing Marie-Élaine Thibert and Étienne Drapeau, who have joined forces to sing Demande-Moi (You Can Ask Me). This stunning duet sung in French and English is just plain amazing. It’s mature, dramatic, elegant and those voices! Demande-Moi is currently participating in the online leg of Switzerland’s National Final for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and is one of the best songs so far taking part. It’s got the full package, as these two singers complement each other perfectly and are very experienced. They will be able to take this song to another level live. And they’re both easy on the eyes as well, which can’t hurt at all. Check out the song here.

This is easily the highlight of the Swiss selection, along with Lys Assia’s comeback.

EDIT: Find out more about Marie-Élaine Thibert and Étienne Drapeau’s race to Baku here, as well as customised album art for Demande-Moi (You Can Ask Me) here.


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