New songs emerge on Switzerland’s Eurovision platform.

The pace is picking up over at the digital platform of Switzerland’s ‘Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow’ as artists across Europe and beyond scramble to upload their entries before the deadline. Like last year, I attempted to wade through it all hoping to stumble across a really good song. While I still maintain that most of the entries are poor, there quite a few hidden gems and some surprising artists.

Heinz Winckler – Who You Really Are: Although Heinz originally hails from Johannesburg, South Africa and is the winner of South African Idol, he is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest having covered Denmark’s 2009 entry Believe Again in Afrikaans. He is now attempting to make it to the Contest for real with a similar-sounding offerng Who You Really Are, which sounds very Niels Brinck. Bottom-line: Quite a decent song though not as instant as I was hoping for. [★★★★]

Katherine St-Laurent – Wrong To Let You Go: I’m really enjoying this song. It’s a big, delicate ballad with a pretty piano-driven melody that catches your attention in the first few seconds, which is important for a Eurovision song. The song then builds and builds, much like Nadine Beiler’s The Secret Is Love. In addition, the bridge is sung in French, which is just lovely. Bottom-line: A worthy contender for the live show, though could do with more French. [★★★★]

Bruno Dietrich – Sunshiny Days: I surprised myself by enjoying this. Sunshiny Days is a well-crafted country song and Dietrich’s gravelly voice suits this style of music perfectly. The whimsical title itself lends a clue to how much you’re going to enjoy this song. Bottom-line: A wonderful, unpretentious country number that will draw people in. [★★★★]

Joy Amelie – Lass Es Regnen: A sweet modern song made all the more special by the breathy vocal of Swiss singer Joy Amelie. Sung entrirely in Swiss German, it makes for easy listening and extremely radio friendly. I would imagine the song would benefit from a partial translation to English, but I prefer it like this. Bottom-line: A compelling song that ought to do well. [★★★]

Well, that’s all for now. I shall bring you more new discoveries as I come across them. You can also check out the all the songs of Switzerland’s online leg for yourself here.

The Swiss final ‘Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow’ will take place on the 10th of December.


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