Ivi Adamou gets prepared for Baku 2012 as I delve deeper into the music.

Greek-Cypriot superstar and Cyprus’ 2012 Eurovision Song Contest representative Ivi Adamou is reportedly in the process of recording a number of songs for consideration as Cyprus’ entry next year. There’s no denying that Ivi’s got a fantastic, unique voice and is the most exciting Cypriot representative in a long long time.

So I was curious as to what kind of songs Ivi might be recording. It’s all hush-hush and rumours are running rife, ranging from which songwriters she’s working with to what genres she’s going to be singing. To get a better idea, I had a listen to her latest album ‘San Ena Oniro’, and I’ve singled out songs that could very well be in the vein of what’s being cooked up for Baku. Have a listen below:

Fyge (Go Away)

Kano Mia Efhi (I Make A Wish) [feat. Daddy Nek]

The Queen

Personally, I’m loving Fyge and Kano Mia Efhi and I hope Ivi will be presenting songs in this style. A catchy, laid-back summer tune in Greek would be unique and will definetly translate well on the Eurovision stage. Greece has its signature sound with the fiery ethno numbers and this lovely idyllic summer style could very well be Cyprus’.

You can purchase Ivi Adamou’s latest album ‘San Ena Orino’ here.

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