Greek stars throw their names in the ring for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

A number of well-known Greek singers have publicly announced their desire to represent their country at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. ASFE takes a quick look at who’s vying for the chance to fly the Greek colours in Baku in May.

1. Nikos Ganos – Greek popstar Nikos Ganos has stated to a variety of media that he is extremely keen on representing his country in Eurovision. As one of Greece’s new emerging names on the music scene, he would no doubt be a fine choice. Nikos first came into prominence after coming third in Greek Idol in 2004 and has gone on from strength to strength ever since, selling loads of albums and winning awards. One of my favourite songs of his is Koita Ti Ekanes:

2. Eleni Foureira – The reigning diva of Greek music is also quite interested in participating in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, having previously attempted to do so in 2010. However, in true fashion, she says she’ll only consider it if she’s internally selected. In the meanwhile, check out her new song Ase Me (Let Me), penned by Swedish songwriters Dimitri Stassos and Irini Michas:

It’s an insanely catchy song and she’s mesmerizing to look at. If she comes up with a song like this, she won’t have to worry over something like a national qualifier.

3. Aris Plaskasovitis – A newcomer to the game, Aris is fresh off the 2011 edition of Greek Idol and is seeking to establish himself as a forerunner by representing Greece. He’s definetly got the voice to pull it off but I wonder as to whether he has the experience and the mettle to handle a Eurovision participation. Also, will he be able to deal with the pressure? In any case, its great to see many young talented performers queing up to give Eurovision a go. The UK should be so lucky.

So there you have it. Three names among many who have volunteered to do right by their country for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Any one of these would make an exciting and worthy representative for Greece.


2 Comments on “Greek stars throw their names in the ring for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.”

  1. Damian says:

    This year I’ve fallen for Nikos’ “Break Me”, still have it in my player but think that “Koita Ti Ekanes” is probably even better. Thought he’s completely new artist in Greece, nice to know I’m wrong.
    If Eleni Foureira will make a bid for selction there’s a big chance it will be from Dimitri Stassos and it’s also very exciting though I’m not so impressed by her as many Greek and ESC-fans.
    Hard to predict what Aris will be musically about but he has a good voice.

    • TK says:

      I was never a huge fan of Eleni Foureira until ‘Ase Me’ came out. Which goes to show that all it takes is the magic touch of the Swedes to make anyone warm to any artist 🙂 I’m also waiting to see what Aris turns out.

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