Kostas Martakis is back with ‘H Aggalia Mou’.

Popular Greek singer Kostas Martakis has released a brand new song entitled H Aggalia Mou, translated into English as ‘My Hug’. It is an absolutely beautiful ballad which starts off soft and slow, before the drums and violins kick in and then the song really starts to soar! Kostas is at his best vocally and has really come into his own. This song, coupled with his recent single Sex Indigo, marks a notably more mature direction in his music and hopefully, an album is just around the corner. After 2009’s amazing album ‘Pio Konta’, which saw international collaborations with Swedish hit makers Holter/Erixson and Bulgarian dance diva Desi Slava, I have high hopes for Kostas’ new sound. To tide us over in the meantime, he’s gone and shot a cool music video:

His music may have changed and matured, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that he still looks as good as ever. Git.

One Comment on “Kostas Martakis is back with ‘H Aggalia Mou’.”

  1. Damian says:

    Kostas, you should get back to dance-stuff.
    I mean it’s a nice ballad, I’ve got a weird association with Helena’s “It’s Gone Tomorrow”, but dance-Kostas is much better than ballad-Kostas 🙂

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