New Music: ‘One Of A Kind’ by Simona Milinytė.

Ever wondered what a cross of Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift would sound like? Meet Lithuanian pop starlet Simona Milinytė. In addition to having an insane voice, she has also recently teamed up with Swedish producers Bobby Ljunggren and Marcos Ubeda. A very potent combination that has yielded the song One Of A Kind, an explosive track which reminds me alot of Kelly Clarkson’s hit Since U Been Gone. Its definietly a pop-rock stomper and catchy to boot. Check it out:

Rumours abound that this song has been sent in to the Lithuanian preselection for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. In my opinion, it would be a most welcome entry. After last year’s classic Eurovision ballad C’est Ma Vie (which, despite everything, was wonderfully performed and looked great on stage), it would be nice to see Lithuania rocking out something fresh and modern that did not involve sparkling underpants. This is definitely one to watch.

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