Tonight: the Host City Insignia Exchange Ceremony for Eurovision 2012.

We have a major Eurovision event taking place tonight: The Host City Insignia Exchange Ceremony, where the mayor of last year’s host city Düsseldorf will hand over the ‘Eurovision Keys’ to the mayor of the current host city, Baku. Also on the agenda will be the Semi-Final Allocation Draw, where lots will be drawn to determine which countries will be participating in the two Semi-Finals.

Thirdly, (and what I’m most looking forward to) the Host Broadcaster will unveil the visual theme, identity and slogan of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. To round it all off, we will have performances by former Eurovision-contestants and winners, namely Ruslana, Safura, Aysel, Lena, Alexander Rybak and of course, Ell/Nikki. Check out how the preparations are going.

Not too shabby, I must say. The show starts at 17:00CET and you can catch it live on Just make sure you have the Octoshape plug-in installed.

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