Tu canción es tu canción! Spain reveals songs.

Following the trend of internal artist selections that seem to be popular this year, Spain have internally nominated Pastora Soler as their representative and RTVE have revealed the songs that she will sing for the Spanish nation to decide which will be the country’s 52nd entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. Two songs have already been selected by Pastora and her team to go forward to the national final. They are Tu Vida Es Tu Vida (“Your life is your life”) and Quédate Conmigo (“Stay with me”). Check them out below:

Tu Vida Es Tu Vida 

Quédate Conmigo 

Then there are two more songs that the public must vote for on RTVE’s Eurovision platform, with the winner going on to join the first two songs in the televised final. These are Me Despido De Ti (“I’m saying farewell to you”) and Ahora O Nunca (“Now or never”).

Me Despido De Ti 

Ahora O Nunca You can vote for your favourite here up until the 20th of February with one vote allowed per user. The televised final will take place on March 3rd.

Without going into too much detail (because we are planning a more in-depth review), I just want to say that these songs are superbly well-crafted, authentically Spanish and amazingly well-sung. I’m really excited because the Spanish bid is going to be a class act all the way to Baku.

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