Zaleilah, everyday, everybody!

The good music just keeps on playing with Romania’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The country has elected celebrated group Mandinga to fly the Romanian tricolour with the infectiously catchy Zaleilah. Check it the music video below:

Romania 2012: Zaleilah performed by Mandinga

Zaleilah is the very epitome of summer fun. It is outrageously catchy, complete with accordion and bagpipes! It is sung almost entirely in Spanish, following Romanian, Italian and English as languages Romania has sung in on the Eurovision stage. Considering the international success of songs such as Danza Kuduro and Ai Se Eu Te Pego, this is a very smart move that will see Romania do really well at the Eurovision Song Contest and Mandinga score a summer hit after the Contest.

The stage performance was a tad busy with everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it. You can have a look here but it was competently performed vocally and, as with every year, Romania will polish the presentation and present something truly special and eye-catching come May.


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