Soldiers, gas masks & corsets: Anggun unleashes music video for ‘Echo (You And I)’.

How on earth does Anggun do it? In between flying all across Europe on a whirlwind tour, rehearsing and discussing wardrobe with Jean Paul Gaultier, she’s managed to squeeze in the time to shoot a très fabulous music video for Echo (You And I), France’s 2012 Eurovision Song Contest entry.

I think it is magnifique and interestingly, Echo (You And I) is first Eurovision entry to get a music video proper. It’s got wonderful cinematography with an abstract storyline that seems to have no rhyme or reason other than to show an army of pretty boys and Anggun in a corset. There’s also an attention to detail, with little flourishes that you discover more and more of with each viewing. One example is the eye test chart that spells out the song title. And of course, Anggun looks as stunning as ever! I also liked the informal introduction that shows Anggun’s preparations for Eurovision. Its very charming (even if there are a ton of product endorsements) and a really nice touch.

2 Comments on “Soldiers, gas masks & corsets: Anggun unleashes music video for ‘Echo (You And I)’.”

  1. xandre says:

    SUBLIME!!! Bravo Anggun & Good luck!!! GBU always…

  2. ReZa Fahlevi says:

    Love her to dead … she is rock…. go Anggun, go France for Eurovision 2012, i am pretty sure you will make it. (ReZa, Sydney)

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