La canzone è femmina! Italy changes its song.

It seems Per Sempre (Forever) was not meant to last as Italy’s Eurovision Song Contest entry. Instead, the big bosses at RAI and Universal Music have confirmed that Nina Zilli will take to the stage with L’amore è Femmina  (Love is feminine). Check it out below:

Italy 2012: L’amore è Femmina performed by Nina Zilli 

L’amore è Femmina was one of the three original songs in contention to represent Italy but was intially put aside in favor of San Remo entry Per Sempre. Now the songs have been switched.

I reckon this was due to two reasons: firstly, L’amore è Femmina is exactly three minutes long, as per EBU rules so they will not have to edit and re-record it as they would have had to with Per Sempre and possibly ruining it. Secondly, L’amore è Femmina is the title track of Nina Zilli’s new album so mayhaps the big wigs thought having it as the Eurovision entry would be very good for promotion and translate into album sales. It makes sense, especially since its the next single.

Whatever the reasons, I am personally quite happy with this decision. While I loved and lauded Per Sempre, I also had a nagging feeling that it was a bit too subtle to make an impact on the televoting audience. It would have done well with the professional juries to be sure, but it may not have been enough to score a good placing this time around. On the other hand, L’amore è Femmina is much more ‘instant’ and has a hook you can immediately latch on to, without compromising Nina Zilli’s unique sound and musicality we were introduced to with Per Sempre.

Was it the right choice? I guess we’ll find out in May. But it’s very nice to see the Italians take Eurovison seriously in their own, roundabout fashion.

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