Watch: Switzerland hopes to be ‘Unbreakable’.

The music videos for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries are flying in thick and fast and the latest one comes from Switzerland. Check out the band Sinplus looking better than ever:

Switzerland 2012: Unbreakable performed by Sinplus

Unbreakable is, in my opinion, amongst the best contending songs in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and this music video only serves to highlight that. Set in a futuristic world where everyone lives in a Matrix-like state, Sinplus attempts to free everyone by harnessing the power of music and the message of their song. It is a bold, clean-cut video with a striking attention to detail and very vivid cinematography. One of the best videos this season.

All in all, the alpine nation has a really strong, tight package. I can’t wait to see Sinplus “rock, rock the place” in May. Good luck lads!

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