Album art for ‘Demande-Moi’ by Marie-Élaine Thibert & Étienne Drapeau.

I’m really loving Demande-Moi (You Can Ask Me), the stunning duet by Marie-Élaine Thibert and Étienne Drapeau. So much so that I went ahead and created album art for it. This is the first official album design I’ve done for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. It was impossible finding a picture of the two of these singers together. Instead, I decided to go for an abstract cover that embodied the sophisticated vibe of the song. To that end, I came up with a dream-like pastel watercolour painting with French couture-style typography. Hope you all like it!

Just to remind you on the amazingness that is Demande-Moi, you can listen to the song here and don’t forget to vote for it!

New album art for Raphael Gualazzi’s ‘Madness Of Love’.

Here’s my take on Italy’s much-celebrated Eurovision entry this year: Madness Of Love by ‘San Remo Newcomers Winner’ Raphael Gualazzi. I kept the original band design element from the original and played around with the typography and selected a more suitable picture that fits with the song’s title. Stay tuned for more reworked album art!

New album art for Senit’s ‘Stand By’.

The tiny country of San Marino is up next in my series of re-imagined album art for the entries of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The principality was represented by Senit with Stand By, a graceful, warm ballad that was performed with real class in Düsseldorf. Despite not making a crashing impact on screen, it was a real shame that they didn’t qualify. I really hope San Marino continues to participate and that we’ll see them in 2012.

New album art for Eric Saade’s ‘Popular’.

Continuing on in the series of my own take on album covers for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, here is the Swedish entry. Popular by Eric Saade reached a commendable third place after having led much of the voting and is Sweden’s best result since their victory in 1999 with Charlotte Nilsson’s Take Me To Your Heaven. The new album art uses imagery from the ‘Saade Vol. 1’ theme for greater consistency, as Popular is in essence, the lead single off of the album. Enjoy!

Album art for ‘Watch My Dance’.

Here’s my take on the album cover for Greece’s 2011 Eurovision Song Contest entry. There were loads of flattering pictures of Loukas (for obvious reasons) but nada for Dr. Stereo Mike. And this was the only one of the two of them together. In fact, it was used for the original cover, so I just played around with the typography.

Album art for Dana’s ‘Ding Dong’.

The latest in my series of self-designed album art, here’s the fabulous Dana International doing the business with her song Ding Dong. In the aftermath of the contest, I’ve really taken a liking to it. Some said it was a tad old-fashioned, but I say its classic Dana with a bit of a David Guetta flavouring thrown in to bring it up to speed.

And of course, who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned hands-in-the-air Eurovision anthem you can point and strut to?

New album art for ‘Running Scared’.

I’ve been scouring the net for weeks trying to find nice album art for Running Scared, this year’s Eurovision-winning song but with little success. Sure there are a few but they don’t look worthy of being Eurovision Song Contest winners so I gave up and went ahead and did my own, which I thought I’d share.

I kept it simple and designed a new logo for the duo and featured some subtle Azeri motifs to add a bit of national flavour without detracting from the intimate romanticism of the image.  Feel free to use it. Your Cover Flow will be all the more grateful for it 🙂