Desislava performs ‘Love Is Alive’ for Bulgaria.

Having qualified to the televised rounds of the Bulgarian national final, superstar Desislava has been doing the rounds promoting her entry Love Is Alive all across national television, from Christmas concerts to morning shows. Check out Love Is Alive in full for the first time:

You can also hear the song in its studio version here:

Personally, I love it. Composed by the Symphonics, it’s a great ethno-pop entry sung by a gorgeous female lead. It’s typical of the Ruslana/Paparizou school of Eurovision-entries that was so popular in the begining of the noughties. The genre has fallen slightly out of favour recently but I have every faith that Love Is Alive could do the business for Bulgaria, if selected.

I particularly love Desislava’s traditional folksy opening and her very artsy inflections on the vocals. Additionally, that soaring instrumental and catchy chorus all make for an entry that is a bit more distinctive than say Secret Combination (Greece 2008) or Always (Azerbaijan 2009). Let’s see how the live performance and stage presentation goes, but for now, it is definitely the one to beat.