Hit Alert!: ‘I’m In Love’ by Ola.

After treating pop fans to some of the decade’s best tunes, Swedish pop star Ola has premiered his new, hotly anticipated single I’m In Love on P3 radio today and what a corker of a song it is!

Composed by Ola himself, along with fellow Swede Shellback (the man behind global smash hit Moves Like Jagger), I’m In Love is an ice cool piece of electro pop that combines the sensibilities of modern radio hit and Ola’s own unique, exuberant brand of music. That stuttering chorus is pure genius and definitely sounds like an international hit. After all those months of teasing, Ola has delivered the goods with a song that ought to, by all accounts, propel him to further stardom.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ola Svensson is BACK. I’m In Love will be released digitally on May 7th.

Hit Alert! – ‘Hearts In The Air’ by Eric Saade feat. J-Son.

Eric Saade is riding high on the success of his third place finish at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. With Popular being a massive hit across Europe,  Eric releases his new single from his forthcoming album Saade Vol. 1, Hearts In The Air featuring rapper J-Son. Check it out below:

Hearts In The Air has a more international sound than Popular but still oh-so catchy with that trademark Swedishness we have come to expect from our scandipopstars. I’ve also noticed that Eric continues his trend of lazy lyrics, rhyming Monday with Tuesday. But for all that, the song is really good and sets expectations for both Saade Vol. 1 and Saade Vol. 2 really high.

Hit Alert! – ‘How I Like It’ by Kim-Lian & Future Presidents

Time for another ‘Hit Alert!’. Today I’d like to introduce you to a song that I keep playing over and over again. Check it out below:

It’s a happy-go-lucky pop song with an insanely catchy hook that sticks in your head and just refuses to leave. My favourite parts are the chorus and the rap bit. For the uninitiated, Kim-Lian is a prolific Dutch pop star most known for the worldwide smash hit ‘Teenage Superstar‘. She recently collaborated with Swedish singer Linda Bengtzing on ‘Not That Kinda Girl‘ and she continues her trend of irresistible catchy pop with this gem of a song. She also continues her collaboration with other artists, this time with Future Presidents, who are a Dutch outfit that made their name producing for famous Dutch singers like Edsillia Rombley as well as remixing for international singers like Justin Timberlake and Jordin Sparks.

You can purchase ‘How I Like It’ here.

Hit Alert! – ‘C’est La Musique’ by Steve Linden

Time for another Hit Alert! Today’s is dedicated to a song by Steve Linden called ‘C’est La Musique’. Check it out below:

It’s a jaunty piece of pop that bounces along nicely. It’s also got a catchy melody, a guitar and a good singer. And, like any aspiring Eurovision song worth it’s salt, its got whimsical ‘la la la la la’s in the chorus! Furthermore, some YouTubing has revealed that Monsieur Linden has got some vocal chops that takes the song to another level. It would appear to me that ‘C’est La Musique’ is the kind of song that is better appreciated performed live rather than on record. This is good, as all too often we see many good songs being massacred by deplorable live vocals.

‘C’est La Musique’ has personality, heart and will really shine on stage. Having being selected to the televised qualifier in Belgium’s Eurovision selection, I’m looking forward Linden’s performance of this little gem immensely.