New Music: ‘Shining Heart’ by Laurentiu Duta & Andreea Banica.

Are you ready for a brand new summer hit fresh out of Romania? Then look no further than Shining Heart, a hypnotic song that promises wild parties and steamy summer nights. Acclaimed Romanian producer Laurentiu Duta is stepping out from the studio and into the limelight for the first time as a recording artist with this track. Laurentiu is well-known as one of the country’s biggest composers, having worked with stars like Andreea Banica and Elena Gheorghe as well as being the man behind Romania’s 2009 Eurovision Song Contest entry The Balkan Girls.

With Shining Heart, Laurentiu will be fronting his own music for the first time and to great effect. However, he is not alone as Andreea Banica is on guest vocals to make a great song even greater.

The song is iconic Romanian dance pop that is both mesmerizing and hard-hitting. However, apart from Laurentiu’s silvery soft vocals, my favourite part of the song is the chorus that sees Andreea channel German group ATC with a deceptively simple but instantly catchy, sing-along hook. I believe the combination of old and new europop serves as a wonderful celebration and homage to the genre and it is easy to see why Laurentiu Duta is such an acclaimed name.

Zaleilah, everyday, everybody!

The good music just keeps on playing with Romania’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The country has elected celebrated group Mandinga to fly the Romanian tricolour with the infectiously catchy Zaleilah. Check it the music video below:

Romania 2012: Zaleilah performed by Mandinga

Zaleilah is the very epitome of summer fun. It is outrageously catchy, complete with accordion and bagpipes! It is sung almost entirely in Spanish, following Romanian, Italian and English as languages Romania has sung in on the Eurovision stage. Considering the international success of songs such as Danza Kuduro and Ai Se Eu Te Pego, this is a very smart move that will see Romania do really well at the Eurovision Song Contest and Mandinga score a summer hit after the Contest.

The stage performance was a tad busy with everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it. You can have a look here but it was competently performed vocally and, as with every year, Romania will polish the presentation and present something truly special and eye-catching come May.

Uno, dos tres… introducing ‘Niña’ by Sunshine Inc.

I’ve recently been listening to Romanian trio Sunrise Inc, who are very successful producers and artists in their own right. They have an uncanny knack for creating amazingly catchy dance tracks and their latest single Niña is no exception. It is a smooth, sexy little number that’ll definitely get things going on the dance floor. What I really like about this song is the clever combination of Latin rhythms and Romanian dance, which makes for a very explosive combination indeed. And that chorus in Spanish is, to quote a good friend, “just beautiful”. Check out the music video:

Try getting that chorus out of your head. And if you were ever looking for the perfect song to dance to in the rain in slow motion, look no further!

Romania’s Mattyas calls out ‘Mi Amor’.

Mattyas has gone from strength to strength, from 2010’s smash summer hit Secret Love to touring the world and giving concerts with Romanian superstars Akcent. And he’s showing no signs of slowing down, with the release of his new single Mi Amor. The song continues in the vein of his previous releases, combining atmospheric dance with hard-hitting beats, but this time around with added edge. It’s also catchy as all heck. Check out the official music video, shot in Athens:

Mi Amor has already proven to be a smash hit, having charted in Greece, France and even as far away as Sri Lanka.

Fall ‘Deep In Love’ on the dancefloor.

Romania keeps summer sizzling with the release of electrifying dance tracks and this one is no exception. DJ Tom Boxer has just released his latest hit Deep In Love featuring vocalist Morena and rapper J Warner. This will no doubt set the clubs across Europe afire. Check out the video:

It’s insanely catchy and one can’t help but get caught up in the wave of this eurodance amazingness. Watch out for this one y’all.