New Music: ‘Jealousy’ by Will Young.

The original Idol Will Young marks his triumphant return with the release of his new single Jealousy from his upcoming fifth album titled ‘Echoes’. Check it out below:

The song has been produced by British hit-maker Richard X and is a warm, elegant synth-laden electropop tune that manages to be both uplifting and melancholy at the same time. It is, in my opinion, one of  Young’s best recordings and has already been receiving considerable airplay. Jealousy is set to be released on August 21st 2011 with the album following suit the day after.


Mika chante en français avec ‘Elle Me Dit’.

Animated British singer-songwriter Mika, best known for the global smash hit Grace Kelly from a few years ago, is now back in business with the release of a brand new single, this time with a bit of a twist: it’s entirely in French! It’s called Elle Me Dit (She Told Me) and its a crackingly good pop song with a simple melody and great big dose of Mika’s trademark manic vocals and personality. Have a listen below and just try not tapping your toes along:

Mika, being extremely popular in the francophone countries, no doubt sought to polarise his French-speaking fans with this release. No matter what language though, we’re glad to have Mika releasing music again after whetting our appetites with his amazing RedOne collaboration Kick Ass (We Are Young). Elle Me Dit is taken off the upcoming album ‘The Origin Of Love’.

New Music: ‘Take It All’ by The Reason 4.

I’ve only just recently discovered a new British group by the name of The Reason 4. They are a quartet of Southampton lads who have just released their debut single Take It All. Check it out below:

I found myself really liking this song, but more so, I really like the voices and harmonies this lot have. Their style is very adult contemporary, or in the very least, grown-up pop. A really good song from a potentially great band.

BBC on the hunt for ‘The Voice’.

Is the BBC looking for 'The Voice' that will save the UK at Eurovision?

‘The Voice’ will be coming to BBC One in the UK adaptation of the Dutch reality singing competition ‘The Voice Of Holland’. America’s own version boasts Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton as its judges. The format has proved to be extremely successful on both sides of the Atlantic, which no doubt enticed the BBC to pick it up as a direct rival to ITV’s ‘The X Factor’.

Basically, the premise of the show is that contestants are judged purely on music/vocal talent. The judges, who are popular recording artists themselves, will select contestants through a series of ‘blind auditions’ where they don’t see who’s singing. If they like what they hear, they will invite them to join their team to contend for victory.

So what does this mean for British aspirations for the Eurovision Song Contest? Now that the BBC has it’s own version of ‘Idol’ and ‘The X Factor’, they will have a ready-made music superstar to put forward as the United Kingdom’s representative. Or they could hand-pick a contestant from the bevy of talent like Italy did at San Remo this year. Eitherway, the BBC would be remiss to find some way to link these two events together as it would be a great way of finally sending some real talent to the Eurovision.

With rumours circulating that Shayne Ward is to present with Robbie Williams, Cheryl Cole, Danni Minouge and Adele all tipped to sit at the judges panel, the BBC is appearing to pull out all the stops. Here’s hoping they do, as I personally find the format of ‘The Voice’ far more enjoyable and creditable as it actually encourages and mentors genuine talent, as opposed to the brutal, catty and shamelessly capitalist farce that is ‘The X Factor’. It’s no secret that ‘X’ actually means ‘$’. As in who can make the most money for Simon Cowell in that partcular year before being tossed aside to make way for the next cash cow. Not that note, perhaps they ought to rename ‘Idol’ as ‘Cash Cow’. Seems more fitting. (OK, so clearly I’m not a big fan of either shows).

But more than all that, I really hope the BBC take this golden opportunity to find ‘The Voice’ and Song to fly the British flag at Eurovision. It seems like a win-win, fool proof plan. Ooooh, or they could have a separate show shortly after called ‘The Song’ (or something) and have the winner of ‘The Voice’ sing a bunch of songs for Eurovision? The possibilities are endless!

New Music: ‘She Makes Me Wanna’ by JLS.

The UK meets Sweden with British pop group JLS and the release of their new single She Makes Me Wanna, penned by RedOne. The song is typical RedOne fodder and sounds like Mohombi multiplied by four with the hook of Britney Spears’ ‘Till The World Ends thrown in for good measure.

So of course that leads in to the fact that its good song (even if it sounds like RedOne spent all but 10 minutes on it) with a hook that worms itself into your brain and refuses to budge. It will definitely be yet another huge hit for JLS. Check out the song below:

The UK needs Blue!

Blue's new documentary follows them on their Eurovision adventure.

And how! The BBC recently broadcasted a light-hearted and entertaining documentary entitled ‘Eurovision: Your Country Needs Blue’, which is about the band, their preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest and how they are finding their role as the United Kingdom’s representatives.

If you live in the UK, you can watch it on BBC’s iPlayer. However, if you happen to live elsewhere, fear not as the lovely folks from Ohblue have featured the documentary to view ondemand on their website. You may watch ‘Eurovision: Your Country Needs Blue’ here.

What I really enjoy about the documentary is that it appears that the BBC have finally woken up and taking Eurovision seriously again, after a decade of having lost the plot. It would appear that Blue are on track for Düsseldorf and will no doubt deliver a smashing performance on the night. I Can is one of my favourite songs in this year’s contest.

Who should do the honours for… the United Kingdom?

The UK is home to some of the world’s most prolific and talented singers and songwriters. Even though a majority regard Eurovision with a bit of derision, there are still plenty of new up-and-coming acts that might seriously consider it, and do well in the contest as well.

Aiden Grimshaw

A worthy representative for the United Kingdom.

Having recently been eliminated from the X Factor, Aiden was the standout singer for me. His unique and intense performances were on par with established singers. Louis Walsh called him ‘the perfect popstar’ but I would call him a natural-born artiste. He has that credibility as a proper singer as opposed to a popstar. In my mind, popstars serve as icons rather than musicians. It was not surprising for me that he was eliminated so early in the game as he was not ‘mainstream’ or ‘poppy’ enough. Of course, what can you expect when you have acts like One Direction doing well? In anycase, Aiden turns in dark, dramatic performances that will definitely leave an impact with viewers. And given the right song, he could work wonders. If the rumors are true, MIKA could write an amazing song for the singer and the UK would be unstoppable.

Here’s my favourite performance of his on the X Factor, ‘Mad World’.