Greece’s Vegas go ‘Higher’.

One of Greece’s most popular groups, Vegas, has just released a new song entitled Pio Psila (‘higher’), hot on the heels of their last release’s success that saw them score a Top 10 hit and over five million views on YouTube. Its beautiful piano instrumentation wrapped in a warm Coldplay-esque vibe… until the rap kicks in. A juxtaposition of different styles, it somehow melds together quite seamlessly and makes for an interesting, well-crafted song. Vegas are quite clearly one of the hottest groups to come out of Greece in a while and one listen below will convince you of it:

Sounds (and looks) like a hit to me. Incidentally, Vegas are one of the names rumors have floating about as one of the potential acts to enter in Greece’s National Final for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. I really hope this is true. Imagine if they entered with a song like Pio Psila. What a fresh, brave choice for Greece instead of the usual ‘shake it’ songs.