New Music: ‘Élek A Szemeidben’ by Renáta Tolvai.

MTV have announced the 20 shortlisted artists and songs competing in the Hungarian National Final. One particular song of note is Élek A Szemeidben, performed by Renáta Tolvai.

I love the grandiose Lion King-esque feel, along with the pulsating Europop beat underneath. It’s very catchy and Renáta has got a a really powerful voice that matches the song. Having won the 2010 edition of Megasztár (Hungarian Pop Idol), she is no stranger to the live stage so should deliver the song with ease.

I also like that Élek A Szemeidben lends itself to a really theatrical performance. I’m imagining something with elaborate costumes and ‘wild’ dancing, like the Broadway musical of ‘The Lion King’ or even Horehronie, Slovakia’s 2010 Eurovision entry.

Additionally, I’m really pleased to see András Kállay-Saunders (who I wrote about here) and his bid I Love You have made the cut. Looks like the Hungarian National Final is going to be an exciting race!

Hungarian Hopeful: ‘I Love You’ by András Kállay-Saunders.

What would it sound like if Hungary’s very own Taio Cruz decided to release a gorgeously mellow ballad? Check out András Kállay-Saunders and his latest single I Love You.

András is a well-known Hungarian singer (and model), having competed in Megasztár, the Hungarian equivalent of Idol, where he gave numerous breakout performances, including Man In The Mirror and Mercy. You can check out all his performances from his Megasztár stint here.

According to, this is one of two songs sent in by András to the Hungarian National Final for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. A most welcome addition to our National Finals Playlist.

Cheers to Swedish Stereo for the heads-up!