New Music: ‘Little Braveheart’ by Charlotte Perrelli & Kate Ryan.

This a truly incredible duet of epic pop proportions from two of Europe’s leading dance divas. A modern club affair with a whiff of RedOne, Little Braveheart will have its hook in your brain in no time at all and once that addictive wailing chorus kicks in, you’re a goner. Add to that Charlotte’s and Kate’s sexy smooth vocals along with a dubstep breakdown that totally kicks (and moves) butt and you’ve got yourself a bonafide hit. Little Braveheart checks off every trend in contemporary pop and gosh, what a result!

Honestly, Charlotte should have entered this into Melodifestivalen instead. You can purchase Little Braveheart, along with the rest of the new album ‘The Girl’ here.

A Surprising Swedish Showdown.

Wow! What an exciting semi-final that was! As usual, SVT had saved the best songs for last that was a veritable battle with many casualties that had me watching behind a cushion under the sofa.

First off, I am very sad that the amazing Charlotte Perrelli did not progress further. The Girl (see what I did there?) is schlager royalty and a Eurovision winner to boot! That being said, The Girl was never a real contender, despite the catchy hook and empowering performance. I was not surprised to see it stall but it’s still disappointing. Nevertheless, The Girl is THE schlager hit of the year and Perrelli ought to get a decent-sized hit out of it.

A special mention to Hanna Linblad and her song Goosebumps. It was a very spirited Kylie Minouge Showgirl-esque performance with a nice eighties flair. Unfortunately, this too was one of the casualties of the night.

Which brings us to the songs that did qualify. After her haunting performance of Why Start A Fire, I felt that Lisa Miskovsky really ought to qualify and very well deserved it. I did not however, imagine that she would qualify ahead of Danny Saucedo! It was beautiful, authentic song and performance with a stage show that was more artsy than gimmicky. I think Lisa did a fine job of putting on a Mello performance without compromising her artistry and style outside the contest.

And then there was Danny. His song (and touted winner) Amazing was indeed so. His performance was not. Preferring to focus on the choreography and the spectacle if it (which was absolutely incredible in all it’s TRON-like glory), his vocals suffered and was not all up to par. His too biggest assets are his voice and his face and both got lost in the concept and demands of the stage show. He really needs to step it up at the Globen because personally, I don’t think his victory is a done deal. Lisa Miskovsky qualifying ahead of him proves that.

All in all, it was an epic show and SVT did a magnificent job. All that’s left is the exercise of Andra Chansen before the Finalen at the Globen. And the best part is that all the songs are out NOW on iTunes. Woohoo!

All images courtesy of SVT.

The first trailer for Melodifestivalen 2012!

Melodifestivalen has always been an exciting, glamorous affair, with wind machines, glitter, shattering glass and oiled flesh on display. It’s not surprising that this has been proudly brought to the fore in SVT’s new trailer for the 2012 Melodifestivalen. It features head honcho Christer Björkman along with stars Charlotte Perrelli, Danny Saucedo, Love Generation and Loreen just to name a few, all… preparing… for the contest. It is an absolute riot! Check it out:

I never wanted to be Christer more than right now!