Feel the energy! Cyprus unveils its songs for Eurovision.

Cypriot broadcaster CyBC have revealed the three songs in contention to be the island’s entry to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Greek superstar Ivi Adamou has been elected to perform all three on January 25th and the public will cast its vote to decide Cyprus’ 30th entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. Here they are, in alphabetical order, along with the composers:

Call The Police (Lene Dissing / Jakob Glæsner / Mikko Tamminen)
You Don’t Belong Here (Niklas Jarl / Alexander Schold / Sharon Vaugh)
La La Love (Alex Papaconstantinou / Bjorn Djupstrom / Alexandra Zakka / Viktor Svensson)

You can listen to the songs here and read my initial impressions below.

Call The Police
It’s a mid-tempo pop song that is quite catchy. What I really like about this song is the clever (if a little cheesy) lyrics that liken falling in love/lust to committing a crime. Very imaginative and full of double entendres. “I’m turning you in for turning me on”? Bonkers. But amazing.

You Don’t Belong Here
This is a rock song that strikes me as very Avril Lavigne-esque (before she went all pop on us). It’s a standard angst-ridden rock ballad by numbers that is actually very well crafted. Vocally, Ivi serves up a generous slice of drama and does her best to sell it. I imagine that this is one of those songs that come across better live. However, it doesn’t go anywhere and just plateaus.

La La Love
The song grabs you by the ears in the first ten seconds! It makes you sit up and take notice. Stylistically, its contemporary Romanian dance with Greek influences. It too is well crafted, building and building into an explosive yet simple but addictively catchy chorus. Listening to it, you can just imagine a colourful high-energy stage performance and just from that middle 8 alone, you can tell they’ve got some awesome dance breakdown planned.

My verdict? Out of all the songs, La La Love was the one I went straight back for seconds (and thirds… I must have listened to it about 10 times before writing this). This is the mark of a good song and a great Eurovision entry: one that catches you on first listen and leaves you wanting more. I also love the slight Greek influences for a bit of national flavour, incidentally the only one of the lot to have any. Call The Police is a great song if not as instant but has more imaginative lyrics that ‘la la la’. As for You Don’t Belong Here, it’s a really pleasant rock ballad that I’m sure will come alive, er, live.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the Cypriot selection. Little wonder, as they’ve all been composed by Scandinavians! With songs of such different tendencies, I’m sure everyone will have picked a favourite and will be rooting for it.  Can’t wait for the 25th of January to see which song Cyprus will pick!