Ukraine’s Kazaky dancing their way to freedom.

Ever wondered what the Pussycat Dolls would be like if they were an all-male troupe and from Eastern Europe? No? Me either. But the comparison did pop into mind when I recently discovered the Ukranian dance group Kazaky. And that’s not what makes them interesting. They are quite famous for breaking the conventional gender rules of dancing and seem to have no qualms about combining both male and female aesthetics in their choreography and the result is quite spellbinding. Check out their latest epic music video Dance And Change:

That does dispell some notions on what ‘male’ or ‘female’ dancing is, doesn’t it? However, beyond the flashy moves and electro pop tunes, I believe it also makes a bold statement on sexuality itself and how one is free to express and conduct themselves any way they want. Kazaky goes beyond being an edgy dance troupe by using the medium of dance as an expression of freedom and tolerance. And in an intolerant country where such a freedom is not permitted, they get big props.

Doesn’t mean you’ll see me on the dance floor sporting a pair of high heels though. My sense of balance is way off for that.