Max just wants to dance.

Ukrainian pop star Max Barskih had just released an epic music video for his new song Dance. Harking back to the days of when music videos doubled as mini-movies, Dance is quite easily this generation’s answer to Thriller. It comes armed to the teeth with special effects, comedy, zombies and one heck of a tune. What more do you want?

If only Ukraine selected this for Eurovision instead of that other one.


Grab a pair of Stilettos and get down with Danish dance.

Introducing a trio of Danish sirens who go by the name of Stilettos. And they’ve only gone and recorded what  sounds like the catchiest dance song of 2011. Entitled Click Click Click, its a mad fierce anthem full of swagger that’ll sweep you off your heels. The song actually started life as Stilettos by the group Siren and while it was a modest local hit, it never really took off. That is, until the Stilettos took the song and reinvented as Click Click Click, hoping to turn it into an international hit. Check it below:

Sounds like one to me! This song deserves to be BIG. You can purchase it here.

Who should fly the flag for the Netherlands?

It was while on the prowl for new music did I come across the perfect candidate who ought to fly the Dutch colours at the Eurovision Song Contest. Re-introducing Ralf Mackenbach. Ralf may be familiar to some o’ y’all as the tiny but talented winner of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the catchy ditty Click Clack, which he composed himself.

Well, Ralf is back and all grown up with a pop-tinged club sound. Cue the release of his new single Dance. Check it out below:

Ralf is currently prepping for the release of his sophomore album 'Moving On'. What better way of promotion than a Eurovision Song Contest participation?

IMHO, Ralf would be the perfect candidate to go forward to Eurovision for the Netherlands. First and foremost, he’d take great advantage of the ‘Saade Effect’, that is, appeal to millions of teen girls and secure more than a few televotes. Secondly, Mackenbach could give Saade a run for his money because he can actually sing and dance at the same time really well. His performance at Junior Eurovision proved that, and this would make him really popular with the national juries. Thirdly, his kind of clubby Euro-dance-pop hybrid sound is exactly what’s popular (no pun intended) internationally these days (see Enrique Iglesias’ I Like It). An awesome contemporary Dutch dance song would go down well with both the public and the juries, making for a very good placing, potentially a victory.

Also, it would be kinda cool to see a Junior Eurovision winner go for it at the real thing. It would create alot of buzz and media attention and for once, the Netherlands will be in with a chance.

Fall ‘Deep In Love’ on the dancefloor.

Romania keeps summer sizzling with the release of electrifying dance tracks and this one is no exception. DJ Tom Boxer has just released his latest hit Deep In Love featuring vocalist Morena and rapper J Warner. This will no doubt set the clubs across Europe afire. Check out the video:

It’s insanely catchy and one can’t help but get caught up in the wave of this eurodance amazingness. Watch out for this one y’all.

New Music: ‘Brad Pitt’ by Severina.

Croatian superstar Severina has released a new single entitled Brad Pitt in which she compares her love interest to the famous actor amidst a flurry of passion and heavy beats. She’s also dropped a really hot music video for it. Check it out below:

The song is a really interesting combination of European dance music and Croatian folk elements, much in the vein of Romanian dance that seems to be all the rage these days. In my opinion, Severina has really succeeded in striking a balance and updating her unique sound to 2011.

Austria’s Darius & Finlay hit the beach!

Viennese duo Darius & Finlay have released their anthem for summer entitled Here Comes The Night. It’s a catchy house track that worms its way into your brain and refuses to budge. It also comes with a fun music video filmed in Spain. It makes one want to just drop everything and grab the next flight to Barcelona. Check it out below: