Artist Spotlight: Theocharis Ioannidis

Theocharis Ioannidis is an up-and-coming Greek performer who is prepping for his first foray into music. In fact, he was hotly tipped to participate in the Greece’s national final for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. However, he was denied entry because apparently the big wigs at ERT considered him more an actor rather than singer. That’s the official reason, though many believe that it was down to an issue the organisers had with his manager Elias Psinakis.

Regardless, Ioannidis is determined to participate in the 2012 selection with the aim of victory in Baku. He’s certainly eye-catching and would no doubt grab bucket-loads of votes from the female contingent but what’s really interesting is his music. He’s gone for an overall modern dance sound that is currently very popular worldwide but creates subtle nuances to make it unique enough to give his brand of music its own flair and identity. One great example of this is Edo Mazi Mou Meine, which is a really good song combining traditional Greek instrumentation and modern dance beats. He’s also gone and shot a sun-soaked music video for it:

Not content to settle for conquering just Greece with his music, it would seem that he is also going after the rest of the world as well.  He has also recorded a song in English called I’m Flying. It sounds very international and as of it could be home in any club in the world. Check it out below:

As far as I can tell, the only other Greek singer who has recently had success with full-on dance music is the incomparable Sakis Rouvas and his latest work on ‘Parafora’. Is Theocharis going after Sakis’ throne? There is certainly a similarity in their look, sound and positioning. It’s too early to tell, but in my opinion, Theocharis Ioannidis seems to be all set to become a major force in Greek music and a most welcome addition.