Belgium to select their song in record time.

What will Iris sing for Belgium?

In what is hands down the worst preview of the season, Belgium presents a ‘teaser’ of its contending songs Safety Net and Would You, each consisting of exactly one second. Because discordant bursts of noise are meant to give an adequate impression of what a song sounds like. Well done Belgium. Check it out here.

On top of that, the national final ‘Eurosong 2012: Een Song Voor Iris’ is scheduled to be a whopping 15 minutes long. Again, well done. Now let’s just hope they haven’t taken leaf out of San Marino’s book and that Safety Net isn’t about Norton AntiVirus.

‘Eurosong 2012: Een Song Voor Iris’ will take place today at 20:00CET and you can catch it live (all 15 minutes of it) on here.